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Napkin Note | the FIRST First Day

So technically her first day of preschool was last Thursday and technically she doesn’t bring her lunch to school, but pretending the real first day is today and assuming I would be capable of not only packing a lunch but remembering to put a napkin inside, here’s a little first day of school note for […]

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Closet Talk | BlogHer Syndication

Great news! My post about talking to myself in the closet is being syndicated on BlogHer! Click on over to check it out – and thanks to the BlogHer team for validating that I’m not totally crazy (or that enough people will related to this particular brand of crazy…).

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Oh, the thumb-sucker’s thumb May look wrinkled and wet And withered, and white as the snow, But the taste of a thumb Is the sweetest taste yet (As only we thumb-suckers know). :: Shel Silverstein, “Thumbs”

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By the Book

A dear sweet friend with the cutest mini-bump of a first pregnancy asked me recently for some recommended reading. You know, on babies and what to do with them once they show up and not screwing them up and stuff. My first reaction (in my head, where all first reactions belong, no?) was to tell […]

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Observations from 26A

I flew to Chicago by myself last weekend. Two three-hour plane rides (one there, one back) gave me basically an entire week’s worth of alone/writing/reading/thinking time, the kind I usually try to steal about an hour of each day during overlapping naps. On the return flight I even had internet access, which was kind of […]

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we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike

There’s a little boy who comes often to one of our favorite indoor play spaces. He is about Girl Powers’s age and has only one arm. He comes with his dad and grandpa usually, and does everything the other kids do – climbing, jumping, testing limits, being three – just minus a limb. We don’t […]

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City of Books

Losing yourself in the stacks of an iconic and austere independent bookstore isn’t quite the same when you have to worry about also literally losing your offspring or having them forcibly removed for Excessive Bookshelf Emptying. But lose ourselves we did, each in our own corner, managing to stay buried and busied in books for […]

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{Me @ SMB} Just Driving Through

This post by me on drive-through windows being a summer sanity saver went up this morning over at Scottsdale Moms Blog. Enjoy!

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