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Death, Love & Friendship: Three Conversations

Conversation #1: Deathย -or-ย The World’s Best Bedtime-Stalling Trick At the VERY end of the bedtime routine, after the lights are off and the water has been sipped and Bryan is closing the bedroom door, Girl Powers stops him. Girl Powers: Daddy? Bryan: What, honey? Girl Powers: Can I just ask you something real quick? Bryan: Okay, […]

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My Life (so far) in Showtunes

Last week was a week. A short one, due to Labor Day, but it packed all the fruit punch of a normal five-day week into four whiny, molar-erupting (him), preschool-adjusting (her), morning-nap-boycotting (him) days. It was a week that called for showtunes (on a custom-created Pandora station that I named Showtunes & Chardonnay) to be […]

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The Pretender

When you have a Pretender in the house, you find things like this (a panda bear napping under a baby blanket) in your bathtub: When you have a Pretender, you put a bowl of grapes down on the table for a snack, and when you return a couple of minutes later, The Pretender has them […]

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Remind me, someday

Someday, when their voices are loud and their words harsh, when they are quicker to throw dirty looks than share knowing glances, when giggles and cuddles have long since faded into memory, I want to remember this.

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so, about that other kid

Shrink: So tell me, where do all these feelings of inadequacy come from? Boy Powers: Well, it all started when my mom had a blog where she only wrote about my sister and never me. Shrink: Hmmmm….fascinating… Boy Powers: That, and my sister used to lock me in the dog crate for fun.ย  Yeah, so […]

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