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A little Tuesday list…

I just calculated the number of quesadillas I have made in my lifetime and I arrived – quite conservatively – at 1,560. There is a grosgrain ribbon in my house that will not go away. Everywhere I look, there it is. It’s red and white striped and would look lovely as a gift wrap accent […]

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Two Conversations

These are two conversations that made me laugh yesterday, and if I don’t write them down I’ll forget them, and if I don’t write them down here, then why do I have a blog? Right?

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Play, the way it’s meant to be

I love discovering an old purse in my closet that has been filled with maracas, a train, some plastic dinosaurs, a shoelace, and a couch from the dollhouse. I love imagining the make-believe scenario that brought these small objects together and where they were traveling in a tacky crocheted satchel. I love being the guardian of the imagination that concocted that scenario. I love that I don’t really need to know what it was all about, and that it has already passed – a moment in playtime – leaving behind just the artifacts of its existence, pieces of plastic and wood worn by time and little hands, pieces that I will put back in their colored bins after bedtime, trains with trains, blocks with blocks, in the way that makes sense to me but not to them.

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If you give a preschooler a party dress…

If you send a preschooler a package with her name on it, she’s going to want to open it right away. Once she sees that inside the package is a beautiful party dress, likely intended to wear on Easter or her upcoming 4th birthday, she’s going to want to wear it to school the very […]

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The Golden Rule

A couple of weeks ago the kids were in the bath and Mr. Powers attempted to teach Girl Powers the Golden Rule. It went something like this. HIM: Do you know what the Golden Rule is? HER: No.  HIM: It’s one of the most important rules there is. It means that you should treat other […]

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Spelling, Writing & Being Fearless

I’m kind of in love with phonetic spelling – especially of the preschool variety. Maybe it’s funnier because English is such a jacked up language that nothing – really, almost nothing – is spelled the way it should be. We teach our toddlers the ABC song, painstakingly help our preschoolers learn the sound that each […]

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