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Saved by the FroYo

Driving in the car. Talking, as we do, about whatever’s on their minds. Somehow we end up here: GIRL POWERS: But mom, how do you REALLY get a baby in your tummy? An aside: so far we’ve been very detailed and anatomically correct about what’s going on with Baby Powers as she grows inside me. We […]

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What Our Baby’s Name Isn’t

One of my very favorite bloggers is Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child. She’s a stupid-awesome writer and LA mom of four, and last year she wrote a post about baby names when she was pregnant with twin girls. Once she and her husband had agreed on names for their twins, she listed the runners up in a […]

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Portland: Then & Now

This was our third summer spending time in Portland and the third year in a row visiting the same family, staying in the same place, doing many of the same things at the exact same time of year. There is something about returning to a place you have been before, only with children who are […]

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Just The Two Of Us

You and me, three days a week for six straight hours. You, me, the dog, the errands, the cleanup and mess-making, the NPR in the background and the openness of the day before us like classified ads. We could do this? or maybe that looks fun? We could see what our friends are up to? […]

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You Know What? I Read Last Summer

When people find out you were an English major they always ask the same question: what’s your favorite book? I hate this question. It’s like asking a Math major his favorite equation or a Chemistry major her favorite element on the periodic table. First of all, the answer will most likely mean nothing to the […]

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Closet Nursery! Mr. Powers Evicted, Demolition Begins

When Baby Powers was still a hypothetical possibility, I came up with the crazy idea to house her in one of our two master closets for the better part of her first year. We have TWO huge walk-in master closets – Mr. Powers’s is in a quiet corner of our bedroom, and mine is off […]

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While I Was Out

Oh that? Yesterday? That was me getting back on the blogging horse. But please don’t talk about it too much because you might scare the horse. He’s very skittish. He’s also metaphorical, which is a good thing because I’m not supposed to be riding horses while pregnant. Right. You may not have known that. Hmmm, […]

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a hand to hold

Midway through our Portland trip last month, we drove to a state park near Salem to meet my aunt and a few cousins for a picnic. After lunch we walked through a grove of Filbert trees to the pebbled shore of the Willamette River, wide and unthreatening and perfect for the kids. The water was […]

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