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Christmas tree through wine glass

Holiday traditions, and why I think we have it backwards

(Why yes, this is a photo of a Christmas tree through a glass of Cabernet; and yes, I wish it was my tree this year and, more to the point, my glass of wine. Alas, it’s last year’s fuzzy glow.) I have another post up at The Happiest Mom today. It’s a funny thing, writing […]

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empty dog water bowl

Checking the water bowl

When the dog drinks water out of the toilet bowl, it disgusts me. It annoys me. My immediate reaction is to stop whatever I’m doing and make it stop. After I shoo the dog out of the bathroom and close the lid to the toilet, I always do the same thing. I check the water […]

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Helping you help me. Or something.

Today’s my day to post over at The Happiest Mom, and I’m thinking ahead to my third and final postpartum experience. I’d like to think I’ve gotten a little wiser since the first time around in terms of knowing what to expect, knowing how to ask for and accept help, and knowing what kind of […]

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My First DSLR…what should it be?

Pictures. I like to take them with my iPhone 4. I need a DSLR. – a Haiku, by me, 6:05am Since before I got pregnant this last time around, I knew what I wanted my “push present” to be. (Aside: That term makes me laugh, by the way. If you’re not familiar, it’s the nickname […]

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two year old boy, smiling

The World of Two

The other night he had a dream and called out in his sleep: “I want my spider back! I WANT my spider back! I want my SPIDER BACK!” I waited a minute to see if he’d settle back to sleep on his own, but the demands became pretty clear: dude needed his spider back. “What […]

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Powers of Mine blog Facebook page

Oh, Facebook.

I need another social media thing-to-do like I need a hole in my head. I manage (or help manage) two Facebook pages already (one for Meagan Francis and The Happiest Mom and another for Scottsdale Moms Blog), I keep an eye on Twitter accounts for both @TheHappiestMom and @ScottsdaleMoms and go through phases of feeling […]

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Closet Nursery! It’s Empty & Gray (plus bunk beds for the big kids)

I am 28 weeks as of last Friday, which means things are getting serious. Like pre-register myself at the hospital serious. Like a charlie horse from HELL in the middle of the night serious. Like it’s getting harder and harder to pick stuff up off the floor, so I’m coming to terms with a permanent […]

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