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the things I’m not doing

All around me I see evidence of the things I’m not doing. The dog has been barking at the back door for 20 minutes and I’m not letting her in because her paws are muddy and I can’t wipe them off because I’m holding the baby. The kids’ noses are runny and I let them […]

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Roses, Chocolate, Wine & Kisses (a mother’s Valentine’s Day)

Wishing my fellow mamas – especially some special kindred spirits who are also in newbornland these days – a day filled with roses, chocolate, wine and kisses… …where ROSES are the kind printed on a terrycloth handmedown sleeper, size NB but not for long, destined for spit-up before 9am. …where CHOCOLATE is swiped in secret […]

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side by side sibling photos – who looks like whom?

I may not have enough brain power to write thoughtfully yet on the idea of having three kids – presumably ALL THE KIDS that we’re going to have – here now on the same planet. BUT, lucky for you, photo editing requires less coherentness. Coherency. That thing where your brain works. So I’ve put together […]

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