A Long Weekend in Faux-Artsy Pictures

Like every iPhone-wielding wannabe hipster mom, I am completely obsessed with all the apps that turn your iPhone photos into artsy-fartsy retro-looking snapshots. It’s seriously addicting. I had a rocky start with Hipstamatic – my pictures always looked like the ones I took in college with a disposable camera after drinking six vodka cranberries. Instagram is awesome, and has the whole social media element to it which is fun, but my newest obsession is the Camera+ app. Yummmmmmmy.

So anyway, get your scrolling finger ready. Or feel free to skip this post entirely if you’re not prepared to see three dozen pictures of my kids edited to look like I know what I’m doing with a camera. Which I do not. Which is why I love these apps.

Without further ado, here is our long weekend in pictures:

Friday we had Family Movie Night, complete with a ticket booth and, of course, popcorn: 

Saturday morning found us dining al fresco at 7:00am – the only time of day being outside is remotely tolerable – followed by Girl Powers’s second dance class: 

Saturday continued with indoor amusements like the mall carousel and one of two weekend trips to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix:

Saturday night Bryan did his bi-monthly manly duty of scorpion hunting by blacklight. Thank goodness I married him, right?

Sunday found us rearranging the upstairs furniture and creating new spaces in which to live and play:

Monday we were back at the Children’s Museum, had a family dinner out at a local sports bar, and finished up with a much-needed bath for the kids and another Family Movie Night…

You know you love your family when you’re stuck inside for four days because it’s 115F outside and at the end of it all you still pile four humans and a dog onto one bed for a movie. 🙂

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