Babbling, etc.

You know that thing your kids do to make you look like you’re completely full of baloney? You brag about their stellar sleeping habits and they immediately forget how to sleep through the night. You apologize for their shy nature and you turn around and they’re leading a parade of new friends around the playground. You promise they’re completely recovered from last week’s plague o’ death and they immediately cough, sneeze and/or vomit, as if on cue, in as public a place as possible.

Yeah, that thing.

Well, a few months ago I submitted a piece for (bigtime, people) about how we’re 99% screen-free with the kids and how much easier life is without the TV and iPad to negotiate over. In what was a comparatively big break for this little ol’ fledgling freelancer, Babble accepted my piece for publication!

(Thanks again, Meagan Francis. If you want to learn more about the world of magazine writing/freelancing/professional blogging, I highly recommend this class.)

I wrote the piece last fall, but it just went up at Babble last week (you can read it here). Naturally, the entire internet got to read about me and my high-falootin’ screen-free ways the very same week that all upper respiratory hell broke loose around here, which means that the kids have watched their fair share (and then some) of television programming lately. Which means I should probably just shut my mouth about how great the sans-screens life can be.

Seriously, don’t sign up for this gig if you aren’t prepared to eat crow pretty much every time you open your mouth.

On the plus side, I took this picture and I love it and I’m not ashamed to tell you that the angelic expression contained herein is really just a glassy-eyed stare at the TV screen during the aforementioned media bender.

PS: Last week I wrote about my own birthday on Scottsdale Moms Blog, if you’re into following me over there and that sort of thing.


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