Blogging Update: New Look, More Writing & CODE NAMES

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning. No, silly, not in my HOUSE. Right here on the blog! If you’re reading this by email subscription or RSS feed, click on over to the site itself. I’ll wait.

There, doesn’t it look nice? Fresh and clean, right? (That’s actually the name of the WordPress Theme – Fresh & Clean.) I’ve updated my About Me page and added one on My Writing with links to some recent clips (all professional-like, right??).

The real reason behind the spiffing up of the blog is that I’d like to spend a little more time here. You know, blogging. Writing. Taking stuff from my head and tossing it out into the internet with wild abandon. Or something like that. Starting in April I’ll be posting more frequently again, so feel free to jump ship now if the thought of me in your inbox/Google Reader every few days makes you want to run for the hills…

You’re still here? Oh good! Moving on then.

Along with the new look and a renewed commitment to writing regularly, there’s one more change you’ll notice: I’ve gone espionage style with the kids’ names. This is something I’ve gone back and forth about, and about which I’ve read convincing arguments from both sides. Most of the big-time bloggers I read do in fact use their kids’ real names, and I initially didn’t think twice about doing so (many others do not, or if they do, also create some other kind of semi-anonymity by not posting photographs or avoiding mention of where they live). But as my audience (hopefully) grows and I use this space to test the waters of professional blogging and freelance writing, I’m less comfortable with my children being so … Google-able. Our last name figures prominently here, as does the city we live in (what with my other writing gig and all). Using their real names (and photos) on top of those two just seems a step farther than I’m willing to go right now – and I’m not sure it’s necessary anyway.

Besides, this whole thing started as a pun on our last name, so why not extend the punny fun? Girl Powers and Boy Powers it is. Maybe someday a (still 110% HYPOTHETICAL) Baby Powers.

Something that is NOT hypothetical is this little butterfly child wearing monkey pajamas and a halo of sunlight. He’s real … and he’s up from nap.


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