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side by side sibling photos: 8 & 9 months

The kid-comparing continues (did you catch yesterday’s post?)! Here are the 8- and 9-month side-by-side photos. What do you think? Can you believe Baby Powers is 10 months today?! 8 months old and smiling… (also, just because: the girls in the same outfit and bonnet – though a few months apart, age-wise) 8 months old […]

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side by side sibling photos: 6 & 7 months

Well, well. I’m not sure how best to follow up a blog post that went insanely viral. I’m going with the “do nothing for 2 months then post pictures of your kids that only their grandparents care to see” approach. Also these photos aren’t even recent. I do enjoy the side-by-side sibling collages but since […]

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side by side sibling photos: 3, 4 and 5 months

I’m only about four months behind on putting together these little photo collages, which isn’t bad as compared to some other projects I’m behind on. Since baby girl turns 6 months this weekend (WHAT.), it’s maybe now or never with these last few side-by-side comparisons. I vote now, if only so I can feel I […]

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Appropriately Pissed (or, 5 things that are more interesting than a baby sister)

When my sister was born, the pediatrician came to examine her in the hospital. He held her up with one hand, naked and red, as she bellowed in protest. “Well,” he told my mom. “She’s appropriately pissed.” Meaning, of course, that her reaction was to be expected. It wasn’t pretty, it hurt to watch, but […]

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two year old boy, smiling

The World of Two

The other night he had a dream and called out in his sleep: “I want my spider back! I WANT my spider back! I want my SPIDER BACK!” I waited a minute to see if he’d settle back to sleep on his own, but the demands became pretty clear: dude needed his spider back. “What […]

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Portland: Then & Now

This was our third summer spending time in Portland and the third year in a row visiting the same family, staying in the same place, doing many of the same things at the exact same time of year. There is something about returning to a place you have been before, only with children who are […]

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Just The Two Of Us

You and me, three days a week for six straight hours. You, me, the dog, the errands, the cleanup and mess-making, the NPR in the background and the openness of the day before us like classified ads. We could do this? or maybe that looks fun? We could see what our friends are up to? […]

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A little Tuesday list…

I just calculated the number of quesadillas I have made in my lifetime and I arrived – quite conservatively – at 1,560. There is a grosgrain ribbon in my house that will not go away. Everywhere I look, there it is. It’s red and white striped and would look lovely as a gift wrap accent […]

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Two Conversations

These are two conversations that made me laugh yesterday, and if I don’t write them down I’ll forget them, and if I don’t write them down here, then why do I have a blog? Right?

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The Greatest Game

The following is a guest post by Boy Powers, age 21 months (today!), who has a new and all-consuming passion he’d like to share with you. Go watch golf with Grandpa? Watch golfer. Hit it to green. Nice job, guy! Almost missed it. Hit it to flag. Almost missed. Try ‘gain. Hit it to sand […]

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