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the earth never stops turning (a preschool retrospective)

The earth never stops turning, you said on the way to school. The last day of school. Your last day of preschool. It was like you knew I would come home and write about it and so probably you should say something profound in the car on the way. So typically you, my cooperator, my […]

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Roses, Chocolate, Wine & Kisses (a mother’s Valentine’s Day)

Wishing my fellow mamas – especially some special kindred spirits who are also in newbornland these days – a day filled with roses, chocolate, wine and kisses… …where ROSES are the kind printed on a terrycloth handmedown sleeper, size NB but not for long, destined for spit-up before 9am. …where CHOCOLATE is swiped in secret […]

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two year old boy, smiling

The World of Two

The other night he had a dream and called out in his sleep: “I want my spider back! I WANT my spider back! I want my SPIDER BACK!” I waited a minute to see if he’d settle back to sleep on his own, but the demands became pretty clear: dude needed his spider back. “What […]

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it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, quote, little prince, antoine de saint exupery

Her Heart Has 20/20 Vision

Girl Powers: Mom, when I see things – but I’m not seeing them with my eyes, you know, like, I can’t really see them – then I’m seeing them with my heart, right? Me: Right, baby. GP: Like, right now I can see Mor Mor and Grandpa’s house even though we’re not there yet. Or, like […]

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a hand to hold

Midway through our Portland trip last month, we drove to a state park near Salem to meet my aunt and a few cousins for a picnic. After lunch we walked through a grove of Filbert trees to the pebbled shore of the Willamette River, wide and unthreatening and perfect for the kids. The water was […]

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Two Conversations

These are two conversations that made me laugh yesterday, and if I don’t write them down I’ll forget them, and if I don’t write them down here, then why do I have a blog? Right?

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If you give a preschooler a party dress…

If you send a preschooler a package with her name on it, she’s going to want to open it right away. Once she sees that inside the package is a beautiful party dress, likely intended to wear on Easter or her upcoming 4th birthday, she’s going to want to wear it to school the very […]

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The Greatest Game

The following is a guest post by Boy Powers, age 21 months (today!), who has a new and all-consuming passion he’d like to share with you. Go watch golf with Grandpa? Watch golfer. Hit it to green. Nice job, guy! Almost missed it. Hit it to flag. Almost missed. Try ‘gain. Hit it to sand […]

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on teenagers and other foreign creatures

I studied them, marveling at their hair, their shoes, their foreignness. I am too far removed from adolescence now to identify with them; I remember being there, but the memories seem to be of someone else, equally foreign, not of the person whose purse now holds hand sanitizer and Goldfish crackers and plastic dinosaurs. But neither can I identify with their mothers; nearly a decade stands between me and the day I will become the mother of a teenager.

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me talk happy some day

Girl Powers: Mommy I love you SO much. Me: Oh, I love you too, sweetie. Girl Powers: And I love Daddy even more. ‘Cause he plays with us a lot. And he can, kinda, do all the stuff that you can’t do. Me: Oh? Like what? Girl Powers: Like talk happy. Me: Do I not […]

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