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10 things I remember about kindergarten

My oldest starts kindergarten this week. Since most of my clear memories of childhood start at around age five, I’ve been thinking about what she’ll remember about this year. This big day. I’m sure it won’t be the things I’m fretting over that she’ll remember. The world through her eyes is different, necessarily, than it […]

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A little Tuesday list…

I just calculated the number of quesadillas I have made in my lifetime and I arrived – quite conservatively – at 1,560. There is a grosgrain ribbon in my house that will not go away. Everywhere I look, there it is. It’s red and white striped and would look lovely as a gift wrap accent […]

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so, about that other kid

Shrink: So tell me, where do all these feelings of inadequacy come from? Boy Powers: Well, it all started when my mom had a blog where she only wrote about my sister and never me. Shrink: Hmmmm….fascinating… Boy Powers: That, and my sister used to lock me in the dog crate for fun.Β  Yeah, so […]

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Observations from 26A

I flew to Chicago by myself last weekend. Two three-hour plane rides (one there, one back) gave me basically an entire week’s worth of alone/writing/reading/thinking time, the kind I usually try to steal about an hour of each day during overlapping naps. On the return flight I even had internet access, which was kind of […]

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A List of Totally Unrelated Things

Girl Powers has taken to delivering information with the prefaceΒ I have good news and I have bad news. Which do you want first?. As if this weren’t weird enough for a three-year-old, the two pieces of information that follow have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Yesterday’s example: Mommy, I have good news and […]

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