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13 Accidentally Good Photographs from 2013

It’s not too late to do a little year-end reflecting, is it? I say the New Year REALLY starts tomorrow. Deal? I got my first DSLR camera just over a year ago (thanks to input from you guys I chose the Canon Rebel t3i) and right from the beginning I decided to start shooting in manual […]

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Finding your path (my latest at The Happiest Home)

I just love this photo of me and my firstborn walking the dock in Crystal Lake, IL in 2009. Today it’s part of my most recent post at The Happiest Home. Here’s a little snippet: From where I stood on that little island of new motherhood, it seemed like all the other moms were on a clearly […]

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10 things I remember about kindergarten

My oldest starts kindergarten this week. Since most of my clear memories of childhood start at around age five, I’ve been thinking about what she’ll remember about this year. This big day. I’m sure it won’t be the things I’m fretting over that she’ll remember. The world through her eyes is different, necessarily, than it […]

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about 110 things I’ve been working on lately, plus baby pictures

Oh hey hi. I’ve got a little list of unrelated updates and things to click on for your reading pleasure, should you choose to follow me around the internet… …and should you not care at all about these updates, you can skim right on down to the end for some gratuitous cuteness and I’ll never […]

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I am 32 weeks pregnant and 32 years old.  Actually, I’m closing in on 33 in both of those areas, but for now I rather like the symmetry, and even the number itself. Two of my pregnancy resolutions for this last time around were around documenting these 40 weeks more than I have my earlier pregnancies […]

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Helping you help me. Or something.

Today’s my day to post over at The Happiest Mom, and I’m thinking ahead to my third and final postpartum experience. I’d like to think I’ve gotten a little wiser since the first time around in terms of knowing what to expect, knowing how to ask for and accept help, and knowing what kind of […]

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My First DSLR…what should it be?

Pictures. I like to take them with my iPhone 4. I need a DSLR. – a Haiku, by me, 6:05am Since before I got pregnant this last time around, I knew what I wanted my “push present” to be. (Aside: That term makes me laugh, by the way. If you’re not familiar, it’s the nickname […]

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Powers of Mine blog Facebook page

Oh, Facebook.

I need another social media thing-to-do like I need a hole in my head. I manage (or help manage) two Facebook pages already (one for Meagan Francis and The Happiest Mom and another for Scottsdale Moms Blog), I keep an eye on Twitter accounts for both @TheHappiestMom and @ScottsdaleMoms and go through phases of feeling […]

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You Know What? I Read Last Summer

When people find out you were an English major they always ask the same question: what’s your favorite book? I hate this question. It’s like asking a Math major his favorite equation or a Chemistry major her favorite element on the periodic table. First of all, the answer will most likely mean nothing to the […]

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While I Was Out

Oh that? Yesterday? That was me getting back on the blogging horse. But please don’t talk about it too much because you might scare the horse. He’s very skittish. He’s also metaphorical, which is a good thing because I’m not supposed to be riding horses while pregnant. Right. You may not have known that. Hmmm, […]

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