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Finding your path (my latest at The Happiest Home)

I just love this photo of me and my firstborn walking the dock in Crystal Lake, IL in 2009. Today it’s part of my most recent post at The Happiest Home. Here’s a little snippet: From where I stood on that little island of new motherhood, it seemed like all the other moms were on a clearly […]

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Roses, Chocolate, Wine & Kisses (a mother’s Valentine’s Day)

Wishing my fellow mamas – especially some special kindred spirits who are also in newbornland these days – a day filled with roses, chocolate, wine and kisses… …where ROSES are the kind printed on a terrycloth handmedown sleeper, size NB but not for long, destined for spit-up before 9am. …where CHOCOLATE is swiped in secret […]

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empty dog water bowl

Checking the water bowl

When the dog drinks water out of the toilet bowl, it disgusts me. It annoys me. My immediate reaction is to stop whatever I’m doing and make it stop. After I shoo the dog out of the bathroom and close the lid to the toilet, I always do the same thing. I check the water […]

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two year old boy, smiling

The World of Two

The other night he had a dream and called out in his sleep: “I want my spider back! I WANT my spider back! I want my SPIDER BACK!” I waited a minute to see if he’d settle back to sleep on his own, but the demands became pretty clear: dude needed his spider back. “What […]

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a hand to hold

Midway through our Portland trip last month, we drove to a state park near Salem to meet my aunt and a few cousins for a picnic. After lunch we walked through a grove of Filbert trees to the pebbled shore of the Willamette River, wide and unthreatening and perfect for the kids. The water was […]

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babies, sleep

the one where I write about sleep

Prepare yourself, please, for the least revelatory post in all of mommybloggingdom. Ready? You may never sleep again. I may never sleep again. We, collectively, givers of life, wipers of noses, cutters of grapes, curators of cute stories and boogers on our sleeves – WE – may never sleep again. The bummer of it is, […]

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Yes, sweetheart, there is a Santa Claus. Maybe.

It’s a question I knew would come, of course. Like How are babies made? or Can I borrow the car?, it was filed away somewhere under Questions I Should Be Prepared For (crossed-referenced under Buy More Chardonnay). But I didn’t expect it at three. Mom, is Santa real, or just a guy dressed up in […]

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on guilt, gratitude and milkshakes

I could feel guilty that I took the kids through the Chick-fil-A drive-through for lunch (when we had plenty to eat at home), or I could be grateful for the moment when Girl Powers realized we were driving in the opposite direction of home, her eyes growing wider as we made a left toward the […]

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it’s the mothers in us

SPOILER ALERT! The story I am about to tell you does NOT end with me breast-feeding a pair of newborn baby goats. Yesterday we went to the farmer’s market. Local produce, kick-ass breakfast burritos, and a little bit of the hippie culture that’s generally hard to find in this area (what can I say? I […]

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By the Book

A dear sweet friend with the cutest mini-bump of a first pregnancy asked me recently for some recommended reading. You know, on babies and what to do with them once they show up and not screwing them up and stuff. My first reaction (in my head, where all first reactions belong, no?) was to tell […]

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