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a wish for the new moms in my life (and everywhere)

I have a couple of really close friends who are pregnant for the first time, and today over at The Happiest Home I wrote them a little letter. Here’s a little bit of the post: For just an instant I marveled at the vast distance between that new mom that I was and the one […]

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Closet Nursery: Complete!

Well, it’s about time we wrapped up this here little home-improvement series, I think. Because I am many things, but a DIY blogger is NOT one of them. And because the inhabitant of the closet nursery is now 7 weeks old. And because there is a huge bag of clothes in the closet nursery that […]

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I am 32 weeks pregnant and 32 years old.  Actually, I’m closing in on 33 in both of those areas, but for now I rather like the symmetry, and even the number itself. Two of my pregnancy resolutions for this last time around were around documenting these 40 weeks more than I have my earlier pregnancies […]

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Closet Nursery! It’s Empty & Gray (plus bunk beds for the big kids)

I am 28 weeks as of last Friday, which means things are getting serious. Like pre-register myself at the hospital serious. Like a charlie horse from HELL in the middle of the night serious. Like it’s getting harder and harder to pick stuff up off the floor, so I’m coming to terms with a permanent […]

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Making Room

A year or so ago my friend Melissa and I were talking–very hypothetically at the time–about the prospect of adding a third babe to our respective families. This conversation can go, as you probably know, in a million different directions: spacing between kids, family finances, the fuzzy and hard to pin down notion of feeling […]

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What Our Baby’s Name Isn’t

One of my very favorite bloggers is Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child. She’s a stupid-awesome writer and LA mom of four, and last year she wrote a post about baby names when she was pregnant with twin girls. Once she and her husband had agreed on names for their twins, she listed the runners up in a […]

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Closet Nursery! Mr. Powers Evicted, Demolition Begins

When Baby Powers was still a hypothetical possibility, I came up with the crazy idea to house her in one of our two master closets for the better part of her first year. We have TWO huge walk-in master closets – Mr. Powers’s is in a quiet corner of our bedroom, and mine is off […]

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