Death, Love & Friendship: Three Conversations

Conversation #1: Death –or- The World’s Best Bedtime-Stalling Trick

At the VERY end of the bedtime routine, after the lights are off and the water has been sipped and Bryan is closing the bedroom door, Girl Powers stops him.

Girl Powers: Daddy?
Bryan: What, honey?
Girl Powers: Can I just ask you something real quick?
Bryan: Okay, sure. Real quick.
Girl Powers: What happens to all of us when we die?

Conversation #2: Love -or- Get This Kid A Songwriting Agent, STAT

Over breakfast.

Girl Powers: Sometimes when I’m in my bed and waiting for my clock to turn green this is what I sing to myself:
‘Falling in love doesn’t mean you are falling, it just means you are falling in love.’

Conversation #3: Friendship -or- Good Luck Finding Out Anything Accurate About Preschool. EVER.

She’s in the bath. We’re talking about something – I can’t remember now what – and I end a sentence with the word “mile”.

Girl Powers: Mile! That’s someone in my class!
Me: Mile? Or is it Milo? Or maybe Miles?
Girl Powers: Yep, Mile.
Me: Oh, cool! Is he a friend?
Girl Powers: Yeah, he’s a big boy. Like maybe …. eighteen?
pause, in which I keep a straight face and wait)
Or, maybe, like … four?

Me: Yeah, probably four. That sounds right.
Girl Powers: And he’s kinda, like, a big tall guy. And he runs around a lot. 

(I happen to know there is a Milo in her class and that he is neither particularly tall, nor is he eighteen years old. But a big, tall adult preschooler named Mile who likes to run around a lot would definitely be more interesting to come home and tell the folks about, right?)

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