Did you do something new today?

Did you do something new today?

Something that yesterday you couldn’t do, or wouldn’t do? Something that tomorrow will seem easy and unremarkable but today…today it’s a big deal.

Something that took every corner of your mind, body and self to muster the strength to do? Something that felt ugly and awkward to attempt, but thrilling and joyful to have accomplished?

Did you?

She did.

8 week old baby, batting a toy

She reached for a plastic parrot with an uncertain tremor of a swipe and watched it swing in response. Her eyes got a little bigger and she breathed in-and-out in-and-out in-and-out in anticipation of doing it again. She furrowed her brow and kicked her legs and reached again. And again. And there were fewer tremors and more sighs of satisfaction.


In a few minutes it was over. Tomorrow it will be easy for her, and barely noticeable to me. But today…today it was a big deal.


Did you do something that was a big deal today? Something new and first-time scary? If not, might we have something to learn from this twelve-pound teacher? This round and curious barely-person whose every day is so new, so overwhelmingly awesome it moves her to tears?


I think we might.

* * * * *

Now, I don’t expect most of you to spend two minutes watching a video of my infant stare at a plastic parrot. But, for posterity, for faraway grandparents, and for her daddy who missed this one, here it is:


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