Helping you help me. Or something.

Today’s my day to post over at The Happiest Mom, and I’m thinking ahead to my third and final postpartum experience. I’d like to think I’ve gotten a little wiser since the first time around in terms of knowing what to expect, knowing how to ask for and accept help, and knowing what kind of help really makes my life better during that time.

From the post:

New moms all hear the same advice: take it easy on yourself, accept help from friends and family when you can, and (of course) sleep when the baby sleeps! And while some women have trouble letting go of the “I can do it all” mentality, I think many moms go into the postpartum period actually open to this advice and willing to accept help. But somewhere between good intentions and real life, things can get tricky.

Sometimes it’s that we’re not sure what kind of help we need. Other times, like in my sad little story, the help that’s offered actually causes us more stress than relief. And very often, I think, new moms aren’t able to check in with themselves emotionally and ask the question: what would really relieve and nourish me right now?

If we don’t know what we need, we can’t ask for help. And if we don’t ask ourselves first, we’ll never know what we need.

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