Her Heart Has 20/20 Vision

Girl Powers: Mom, when I see things – but I’m not seeing them with my eyes, you know, like, I can’t really see them – then I’m seeing them with my heart, right?

Me: Right, baby.

GP: Like, right now I can see Mor Mor and Grandpa’s house even though we’re not there yet. Or, like in Land Before Time how Littlefoot can see his mom, even though she already died.

Me: Yep, exactly.

GP: And sometimes, you can see things with your heart that already happened a long time ago.

Me: Right…like a memory you keep in your heart.

GP: Like, I can remember the first time I met you, mom.

Me: You can? What was it like?

GP: Well, I cried. Because I was a newborn baby. And that was when I made you a mommy.

Me: Yes, love. I remember. I cried, too. I’m so glad you can still see that with your heart.

it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, quote, little prince, antoine de saint exupery


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