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I’m really excited about this, friends. It’s been a writing goal of mine this year to be published at The Huffington Post, and I’m thrilled that they decided to reprint this post I wrote last year for The Happiest Home.

It’s all about holiday traditions, and why I don’t think we necessarily need to stress about “creating” them – because they’re already happening.

Here’s a bit of the post, and if you’re so inclined, I’d love for you to read the whole thing and share it too!

from Creating Holiday Traditions Isn’t Mom’s Responsibility:

But here’s the thing about traditions. By their very definition they evolve over time, softened and well-worn by repetition and adaptation. They aren’t launched with fanfare, shiny-new and thoroughly tested, like an ad campaign or a themed cruise ship voyage. Traditions don’t begin by looking forward into the future; they become, and only after looking back and realizing that the way we do things has become The Way We Do Things.

I have a hard time picturing our foremothers in a time before Pinterest and parenting experts sitting down with their sewing circle and remarking, “You know what we should do? We should start Christmas traditions for our families.”

I’d like to imagine that they just did what they knew: Made the same dishes every year because the ingredients were available and the recipes memorized; followed the same rituals their grandmothers had because the Internet didn’t exist to tell them anyone did it any differently anywhere else; let the calendar and the season and the weather and the rhythm of their families lead them into a familiar annual experience that shifted imperceptibly over time and generations without anyone ever having to put a label on it.

I sort of doubt that these mothers who came before us set out to “be intentional” about their holiday traditions. My guess is that they did the best they knew with what they had and began it all over again the next year.

Merry laid-back tradition-making, everyone!



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