If you give a preschooler a party dress…

If you send a preschooler a package with her name on it, she’s going to want to open it right away.

Once she sees that inside the package is a beautiful party dress, likely intended to wear on Easter or her upcoming 4th birthday, she’s going to want to wear it to school the very next day.

When she puts it on in the morning, she’s going to realize that such a fun dress requires equally festive footwear to go with it.

When she has chosen the appropriate footwear, she will probably realize that it’s just a little cool outside for a sleeveless dress, so she’ll need to pick a sweater to go with it. When she looks in her closet she will realize that she hasn’t worn this one since Christmas Eve (being that it is a CHRISTMAS SWEATER).

After the whole outfit is assembled, you’ll probably want to take some pictures on the front porch before heading off to preschool because this is one of those days you’re going to want to remember.

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