{Me @ SMB} Baby Names: Scottsdale Edition

This post by me on popular baby names in Scottsdale went up this morning over at Scottsdale Moms Blog. Enjoy!

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“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” –Henry Miller Recently the camera has found its way into the hands of a three-year-old. I’m usually quick to rule against playtime with grownup gadgets for all the obvious reasons (first and […]

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* O * N * E *

Happy Birthday, Boy Powers! “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Christopher Robin to Pooh ~ A. A. Milne

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The Mermaid & The Russian Barber

After swim we were walking to the car and Girl Powers said to me: “Mommy! Did you know there are TWO Ariels!?” At first, like with all preschooler non-sequitors, I had no earthly idea what she was talking about. “What do you mean, sweetie? You know two people named Ariel?” “Yeah! The other Ariel, instead […]

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What if?

What if someone showed up at your house and said: Hey what’s up. I’m going to systematically destroy everything in your house, one room at a time. I’m going to put myself into mortal danger approximately every four and a half minutes. Should this result in actual injury you will be responsible for all necessary […]

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Maybe She’s Born With It (But I’m Not)

Dear Maybelline: Please tell me that I have not been imagining this. Your Lash Discovery mascara appears to be disappearing from drugstore shelves everywhere. I can tell by the clearance markdowns and dwindling color choices that its future is not bright. Don’t mind the fact that I have used this product for more than ten […]

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Off They Go

She honks impatiently and checks her mirrors, hands at ten and two just as she’s been taught. He slams the passenger door too hard, pushes buttons on the radio, puts his feet up on the dash in front of him. I can see their teenage postures – hers sure and superior, his fidgety and fun. […]

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{Me @ SMB} Organizing Digital Pics

This post by me on organizing your digital photos went up this morning over at Scottsdale Moms Blog. Enjoy!

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The Voice In My Head

The writer’s voice inside my head is getting annoying. A thousand years ago, I wrote poetry. I always knew when a poem was about to bubble up to the surface and demand to be written because lines of verse would start injecting themselves into my normal thought stream. I wasn’t so much inspired to write […]

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On Superpowers Great & Small

I really won the married surname lottery with Powers, huh? I mean the baby name possibilities alone are endlessly entertaining (at least if you like bad puns as much as Bryan and I do…wait, you don’t? Oh.). There’s Austin, of course. Please ask me if one of my kids is named Austin when we first […]

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