Parenting in the Google Era

It’s easy to wax nostalgic about the bygone days of kid-raising, right? A time when you could let little ones play outside in the neighborhood and know that if you weren’t watching another mom was. A time before eight-year-olds got Botox, before twelve-year-olds were on Facebook, before a petite 16-year-old could legally have a driver’s license AND also be required to sit in a booster seat. A time before Goog-

What’s that, Lassie? Timmy’s stuck in the well? No problem! Let me text for help and while we wait I’ll Google possible rescue methods while listening to a Pandora station I created just for this situation and also playing Angry Birds! LOL!

OK I actually am not nostalgic at ALL for the days before Google and I really have no idea what moms did before the great wide internet. My amazing friend Nikki brought this up on Facebook a while back, commenting that she could never have predicted she’d be Googling things like Do hermit crabs poop? in an effort to quench a three-year-old’s insatiable thirst for useless knowledge. She’s totally right, of course. Girl Powers asked if an octopus can bite the other day and – voila! – I was happy to report back that yes indeed they bite, with a parrot-like beak no less, and that some are poisonous. Who knew? (Google knew. DUH.)

What did our moms do when we asked questions like this? I remember the shiny gold edges of the World Book encyclopedia collection we had, and I’m sure I was told to go look something up for myself at some point, but not at three. At three we probably got either their best guess or an “I don’t know,” neither of which could possibly be as satisfying to kid or mom as a verified Wikipedia factoid.

Have you Googled anything ridiculous lately? Do share!


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