Saved by the FroYo

Driving in the car. Talking, as we do, about whatever’s on their minds. Somehow we end up here:

GIRL POWERS: But mom, how do you REALLY get a baby in your tummy?

An aside: so far we’ve been very detailed and anatomically correct about what’s going on with Baby Powers as she grows inside me. We talk about how big she is each week, what she can hear and how she can move, and what her environment is like. We’re so scientifically accurate, in fact, that recently when Girl Powers had a little indigestion she said “mom, my uterus hurts”. No more room for “tummy” in this four-year-old’s vocabulary, apparently. 🙂 BUT, we haven’t had many questions about how the baby got in there, or how she’s going to get out. A little skirting around the issue, but no direct questions and, therefore, no need for specifics. Now, back to the car…

ME: Well…

Here’s what I rehearsed in my mind over the next 1.5 seconds:

“Great question, sweetie! A special kind of love between a mommy and a daddy create an embryo, which is like a very tiny seed. That embryo starts out so small that we don’t even know it’s there, but it grows a little bigger every day. Does that answer your question?”

{deep breath}

GIRL POWERS (before I could answer)Mom?

ME: Yep?

GIRL POWERS: When can we go out for frozen yogurt again?


Let this be a lesson: when in doubt, pause, take a deep breath and hope that you drive past a froyo place.

* * * * * * * * * *

This means nothing to most of you, I know, but for the bloggy types reading this, I recently switched from a free site to a self-hosted site. In layman’s terms, it’s kind of like renting vs. owning your home: on this new platform I have more responsibility (read: $$) and a ton more freedom to knock down walls if I want to. I am stubbornly self-taught on all this stuff, so I’m pretty excited that I was able to make the whole move successfully without professional assistance (like borrowing a pickup truck instead of hiring movers). Now that I’m all moved in, I get to play around with design features to my heart’s content (widgets! plugins! coding, oh my!), so don’t be surprised if you see a different look each time you check in over here…for a while at least.

Bloggers: any favorite (free) design resources, tips, tricks, plugins or widgets? Let me know!


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