side by side sibling photos: 6 & 7 months

Well, well. I’m not sure how best to follow up a blog post that went insanely viral. I’m going with the “do nothing for 2 months then post pictures of your kids that only their grandparents care to see” approach.

Also these photos aren’t even recent. I do enjoy the side-by-side sibling collages but since I got a little behind I thought I’d share the 6 and 7 month photos today, and pop back in tomorrow with 8 and 9 month photos. I know. Pumpkin Spice insanity followed by dead air followed by back-to-back days of baby pictures. Winning at blogging, I tell you.

Here are the Powerses at six months old:

Where there is a six-month-old, so too will there be sweet potato puree.

6 months sweet potatoes with text

Why? Why must we put babies in containers and take their photograph?

6mo side by side containers with text

And here they are at 7 months.

Happy babies in swings. Yep, that was her happy face.

7 months side by side swings with text

Watcha think? Do they look alike? Nobody owns cheeks like that first babe of mine, and is that a THIRD dimple up there in the righthand photo?

I’ll be back tomorrow with more recent comparisons!

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