side by side sibling photos – who looks like whom?

I may not have enough brain power to write thoughtfully yet on the idea of having three kids – presumably ALL THE KIDS that we’re going to have – here now on the same planet.

BUT, lucky for you, photo editing requires less coherentness. Coherency. That thing where your brain works.

So I’ve put together some side-by-side comparisons of the three. My three.

Here they are, each about one day old:
3 awake

Here they are each about 3-4 days old, sleeping. We’ve all agreed that the two girls look most alike, but in this set of pictures I see the resemblance in my younger two:3 asleep

Three c-sections, three happy arrivals. 3 c-sections
What’s with the pointing? So serious, as always:
Brand new family photo. Can I get a little high five for finally getting delivery-day hair and makeup under control by the third kid? I mean, when you’re scheduled in advance you hardly have an excuse, right?new family

Me on the left; baby girl on the right:me + v

Since my older two look nothing alike (and, coincidentally, my own siblings and I do not look alike either), I’m fascinated by families with a strong sibling resemblance. I can’t wait to see if the girls continue to favor each other.

Do your kids look alike? Was the resemblance clear from the very beginning?


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