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The Second Year

For the first year of a baby’s life, it seems, we do everything in our power to help them grow. Eat, we whisper into a downy ear, rocking in the dark as we issue sustenance from our tired bodies. Grow. We celebrate when those tiny not-yet-muscles begin to flex, rolling and pushing and kicking and […]

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Should I Eat It? A Dining Guide For Toddlers {Infographic}

Wondering whether your toddler will eat a particular food? Here’s a handy guide to help you figure it out. Enjoy! This infographic is property of Powers of Mine. Would you like to share it? Feel free to share a link to this post wherever you like. Would you like to use the image itself? Please […]

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The Greatest Game

The following is a guest post by Boy Powers, age 21 months (today!), who has a new and all-consuming passion he’d like to share with you. Go watch golf with Grandpa? Watch golfer. Hit it to green. Nice job, guy! Almost missed it. Hit it to flag. Almost missed. Try ‘gain. Hit it to sand […]

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Babbling, etc.

You know that thing your kids do to make you look like you’re completely full of baloney? You brag about their stellar sleeping habits and they immediately forget how to sleep through the night. You apologize for their shy nature and you turn around and they’re leading a parade of new friends around the playground. […]

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Trash Day

As promised, the guy in the big truck comes. He waves at us from his high station. Sometimes he honks. We watch the enormous robot claw arm hug the trash can, lift it over the open bed of the truck and dump in a week’s worth of life’s excess: dirty diapers, fruit snacks wrappers, lollipop sticks, paper towels soaked in spilled milk, tissues wet with tears and snot.

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the one where I write about sleep

Prepare yourself, please, for the least revelatory post in all of mommybloggingdom. Ready? You may never sleep again. I may never sleep again. We, collectively, givers of life, wipers of noses, cutters of grapes, curators of cute stories and boogers on our sleeves – WE – may never sleep again. The bummer of it is, […]

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Words, two of them together

It started last week with Bye-bye, Dada. Two words together. Not one word repeated sixteen times followed by a quick breath and a new thought and another word, also repeated, as in Mama! Mama! Mama! Up! Up! Up!, but a little phrase. A first sentence. A combination of thoughts. And now it goes on all […]

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{Me @ SMB} Early Risers & Halloween Fun

Happy Monday! Here are a couple of recent posts by me over at Scottsdale Moms Blog: :: The Early Bird Stays in His Room – thoughts (from me, a sleep-obsessed non-expert) on keeping early rising toddlers in bed until a semi-acceptable hour :: Baby’s First Halloween Idea – a fun tradition my friends and I […]

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When our firstborns were toddling into their second year, my friends and I discussed how weird it is that all kids learn that slightly deranged, fire-coming-out-of-those-sweet-baby-blues way of saying “MINE!” somewhere between twelve and eighteen months. Even the kids who aren’t in daycare and don’t have older siblings somehow pick it up somewhere and all […]

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The Safe Way to Safeway

I went grocery shopping by myself the other day. Really, isn’t that all I need to say? If you know how significant this is, you can leave me envy-laden congratulatory comments below and if you don’t, well, then I’m not sure why you’re reading my blog. Anyone who does the regular family grocery shopping with […]

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