The Greatest Game

The following is a guest post by Boy Powers, age 21 months (today!), who has a new and all-consuming passion he’d like to share with you.

Go watch golf with Grandpa? Watch golfer. Hit it to green. Nice job, guy! Almost missed it. Hit it to flag. Almost missed. Try ‘gain. Hit it to sand trap. Hit it out sand trap. Onto green! 

I play golf like Grandpa! Like guy on TV! Rory McIl-Rory. Want him to win. Missed his putt. Missed ‘nother putt. Hit it to rough. Hit it out rough. Onto green! Nice job, Rory!

Watch me hit it, daddy. I hit it to green. I hit it to sand trap. I hit it out sand trap. Onto green! Try ‘gain. 

Read ‘dis book, mama. ‘Bout golf. Look at ‘dat guy! Hit it from tee! Onto fairway! Onto green! Almost missed. Try ‘gain. Hit it to green! Now putting to flag.

Ride in golf cart with Grandpa? Go fast. Push button. Do it ‘gain? Maybe after later?

[Editor’s Note: This monologue takes approximately a minute and a half, after which it will begin again automatically. Rinse and repeat. 6am – 7pm Monday through Sunday. Anybody who says toddlers can’t focus on one thing for very long has never met a toddler with a golf obsession, clearly.]


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