While I Was Out

Oh that? Yesterday? That was me getting back on the blogging horse. But please don’t talk about it too much because you might scare the horse. He’s very skittish. He’s also metaphorical, which is a good thing because I’m not supposed to be riding horses while pregnant.

Right. You may not have known that. Hmmm, let’s back up.

Since I last blogged here, a few things have happened…

Girl Powers turned FOUR:

Boy Powers turned TWO (photo by my gorgeous friend Margaux):

And Baby Powers was CONCEIVED:

As it turns out, Baby Powers is another GIRL! I am nearly halfway through this final pregnancy and we expect to meet her in January. Also we plan to put her in a closet when she arrives, but that’s another post altogether (no really, it’s tomorrow’s post – I’m totally back in the saddle, y’all). But in case you’re curious, you can totally Google “nursery in a closet” and get a whole bunch of awesome decorating ideas from people who all, I am pretty sure, live in Manhattan, where it is trendy to put babies in closets. We’re so East Coast, you guys.

Also? She’s so cute, right? Or maybe in that way that ultrasound babies are cute only to their parents and still look like skeletal aliens to everyone else? If that’s the case please don’t tell me.

Since I last posted we also got the hell out of Phoenix, which locals are known to do here in the summer months. In April we went to my hometown of Santa Barbara for a dear friend’s perfect wedding:

In June we spent three weeks in the Tahoe area golfing, fishing, getting dirty, playing cards, taking naps, and pretending to hunt bears in the woods. More accurately, I spent those three weeks cross-eyed with debilitating first trimester nausea, finding out that Zofran has no effect on me, and letting my parents supervise while the kids did all the rest of those things.

And just a couple of weeks ago we spent the week in Portland, our annual August escape from the heat and city living fix.

I can safely say that at two and four, the kids are fantastic travelers now, which is why it makes so much sense to go back to the days of awful sleep, screaming on airplanes, etc. Next summer’s going to be AWESOME.

Anyway, also while I was not blogging here, I’ve been doing my thing at Scottsdale Moms Blog, where “doing my thing” means being Managing Editor, playing on Facebook and Twitter, collaborating with other blogging mamas, writing occasionally, and teaching myself the ins and outs of blogging and social media. It’s the perfect almost-real-job in 5-10 hours a week and I love it. When I do write for SMB it tends to be on local topics that I wouldn’t post here, but if you’re interested, here’s a link to all my posts over there.

Now that my second trimester energy has kicked in (oh but don’t worry, because first trimester nausea lingers yet), I’m working on several writing projects I’m excited about. As it turns out, writing begets writing, and getting back into it, in general, has made me want to get back to it right here, too. So maybe you’ll see a bit more from me in the coming months. Then again, maybe not.

(Shhhh, trying not to scare the horse.)


PS – Today is Girl Powers’s second-ever FIRST day of school. Last year on her first day I wrote a little “napkin note” here on the blog – in case I don’t get around to updating my first-day-of-school sentiments this year, here it is again…


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